Muhamed Avdic

Muhamed Avdic, 37, was 12 when he was evacuated by UNHCR convoy from besieged Sbrebrenica. This day would be the last day he would ever see his father, without even being able to kiss him before leaving.

His father was the director of Osmace village elementary school, in the surrounding mountains. During the war, his father managed to teach the children of Srebrenica - even under constant shelling.

In July 1995 , when the city felt to the Serbs, he tried to escape the city through the woods and got lost. Crossing the Drina river towards Serbia, he was kept prisoner in this country. He was then handed-over to the Bosnian Serbs police on the Bratunac bridge. As from this moment, Mohamed lost track of his father. He was for sure executed as every Muslim men during the Genocide were, but his remains still haven’t been found.

Recently, Muhamed managed to identify and meet the Bosnian Serb policeman to whom his father was handed-over to on the bridge. This was a very stressful and emotional moment for Muhamed : knowing the tragic fate of his father, and possibly the location where the body could be found. But Muhamed wouldn’t get any answer to his questions - even though he understood that the old retired Policeman knew the whole story about his father’s death. Muhamed and his family may never get the answers to the questions that haunt them for 25 years...

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