Bratunac - Vlasenica - Zvornik...

Those 3 cities define the inglorious "Devil's triangle" where most of the July 1995 genocide executions took place.

Nearly half of the killings happened in places where joy, humanism and hope should have normally prevailed:

  • Schools (Orahovac, Bratunac, Petkovci, Pilica),
  • Sports playgrounds (Bratunac, Nova Kasaba),
  • Cultural centers or theaters (Pilica, Bratunac).

On October 2020, each time I visited a school, I used to try to meet either a teacher or the principal. After a polite interest, and as the purpose of my project was being progressively explained, the 3 different teachers I got in touch with suddenly decided to put an end to our conversation. At Petkovci school, I even asked a teacher how the children were being taught about what happened on July 14th 1995 in the building and its immediate surroundings. As an answer, I got a returning question, expressed with an ironic smile : 

« But what happened here in July 1995 ? »

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