Šakir Mujić

Šakir was 21 in 1993. He used to live in the quiet village of Luka, located on top of the mountains overlooking the Drina River. The other bank of the river was Serbia, from where Serbian artillery tanks were firing at the village. The people of Luka had to flee.

They took shelter in the woods and sometimes in the caverns on the cliffs descending to the river. Šakir recalls they were hunted “like rabbits”. Soon after he was enrolled in the Bosnian army and fought until the fall of Srebrenica. On August 15th 1995, together with 60 soldiers, they walked during 4 days without sleeping to reach the Bosnian Army positions, losing 11 soldiers in various ambushes on their way to freedom.

After the war, Šakir was offered to start a new life in the USA as a war refugee, an offer he couldn’t refuse. The night before his departure, he couldn’t sleep and realised he couldn’t live anywhere else but in Bosnia. At the last moment, he decided to stay.

After years in temporary refugees camps, he went back to Luka where he now lives far from the comfort of the USA. 

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