At the age of 24, I witnessed the outbreak of the Bosnian war, which left me disturbed and perplexed by such violence. Years later, I delved into the war's memory, documenting survivors' testimonies. I arrived in Bosnia and Herzegovina to discover that the Dayton peace agreements still govern the country, enabling ethno-nationalist politicians to exploit war memories for political gain. The war's aftermath continues to dominate the political and media landscape.

For over two years, I searched for traces of violence, visiting genocide sites and mass graves in Republika Srpska. A culture of silence reigns, hindering commemoration and perpetuating ignorance among the younger generation. In Srebrenica, I observed Ahmed Hrustanović and his family, survivors of the genocide who chose to return to their haunted home. They face denial and provocation, preventing progress and trapping the city in the past. In Kozarac and Prijedor, I uncovered the horrifying reality behind "ethnical cleansing," witnessing the enduring trauma of survivors like Satko Mujagić, a former camp detainee. Without recognition, reparations, and psychological support, these memories haunt them indefinitely.

Regrettably, my work depicts a Bosnian society still entangled in its painful past. Many disillusioned young people seek a brighter future elsewhere. Political apathy hinders progress on crucial matters like truth, justice, and reparations for the victims. Reconciliation seems distant in this bleak portrait. Nevertheless, there is hope. I found it in the legacy of Jovan Divjak, an inspiring figure who fought for the multi-ethnic character of Bosnia and Herzegovina. I met numerous individuals in civil society, NGOs, and young activists who reject the burdensome collective memory imposed on them. They hold onto the belief that a peaceful, multi-ethnic ideal is attainable.

This long-term photography project is currently on display in Bosnia, with upcoming exhibitions in France and Belgium. The photography book is published by the French publishing house Hemeria in both French and English editions as of March 1st, 2024, and can be purchased here (please make sure to carefully select your preferred language).

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