Documentary photographer based in Brussels.


Fabrice Dekoninck (France, 1968) is a documentary photographer involved in documenting cultural changes and contemporary issues.

Nostalgia has always been instrumental in his vision of the world. He was 12 when he was offered his first camera, and never stopped making images ever since.

Capturing remains of the past and understanding their relation to the present drives his photography work. As such, history and its vehicle - memory - are essentials in his approach to documenting the present.

Before turning to become a full-time photographer, Fabrice was an entrepreneur in various industries, an experience that shaped a multi-disciplinary vision and capacity to adapt to unforeseen situations.

Fabrice is mainly involved in long-term, in-depth photography projects in which he addresses the memory of contemporary conflicts and its impact on individuals and the organization of society.


From 2012 until 2017, Fabrice was involved in a memory project documenting the lasting impact of the first world war on the inhabitants of a French village where one the fiercest battle took place in 1915. This project was coproduced with French photographer Sylvain Demange.

This long-term project project was labeled by the official French Centenary Mission as part of the events celebrating the centenary of the first world war, and was exhibited in Verdun’s Memorial museum in late 2017. The project led to the publication of a book, « Comme On Peut ».

In 2019 came the need to pursue his personal researches on war memory, but through living memory this time. Bosnia as a field of study came upfront. This ongoing project is entitled « Between fears and hope ».


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