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Between Fears and Hope (English language)

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Nearly thirty years after the end of the war in Bosnia-Herzegovina, photographer Fabrice Dekoninck has delved into the most intimate aspects of the memories of those who survived the siege of Sarajevo, the ethnic cleansing in the region of Prijedor, and the genocide of Srebrenica. Like a memory anthropologist, he documented, at the very locations where the events took place, the living memory of the war through contact with surviving witnesses. This extensive work paints a portrait of a Bosnian society traumatized by the legacy of war, which, in the absence of historical truth, runs the risk of its resurgence.

Preface by Fabrice Dekoninck and Philippe Simon (former French war correspondent stationed in Sarajevo throughout the siege). Afterwords by Nicolas Moll (historian) and Bruno Tertrais (Deputy Director at Foundation for Strategic Research and Geopolitical Advisor at the Montaigne Institute)

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